We’re Back Together!!

Yesterday was the sprint race for the US Champs, but more importantly the first time that a large portion of us juniors have gotten together in over two years. (SO EXCITING!!!) We all had our quick talks and masked hugs before getting into race mode, preparing for our sprint at Sierra College. 

Pre-race Convos

The courses had some fun route choice, little trick control locations, and required a good amount of concentration. 

(click on the map image to enlarge)

Racers Racing

As people came back from their courses, everyone was eager to check in, see how the courses went and catch up about life.

Their prompt: “I need a 1-2 sentence blurb about how your race went, first thing that comes to your head, no need for it to be a put together answer.”

AJ: “Oh no, nooo”

Keegan: “Ugh, but I beat AJ”

Kirsten: “Um really badly I messed up 1 and did not have a good enough handle on the map scale [1:3,000] so I overshot a lot of things.”

Diana: “Uh it went ok, it wasn’t that bad but I guess [there was a lot of] hesitation and slowing down to read the map and see where I had to go.”

Jack: “Number 4 shouldn’t have happened”

Jess: ”I messed up two but otherwise it was great and I lost to Bridget but I beat Annika for the first time in a sprint”

Oriana: “Uh, better than expected, worse than most people”

Bridget: “Was stressed as h*ll but once the map was in my hand I was fine”

As soon as the last starters went off all the juniors grabbed their maps for a more formal course review. I can’t speak for everyone, but I found it so normal to be around the team, looking at maps and talking through our route choices – I couldn’t get the smile off my face. 

Focused Course Review

With course review done, we had a discussion about the middle and long terrain led by coaches Caroline, Tyra and Siri – it’s going to be fast white woods with a lot of contouring from what we can tell, rough open probably not so lovely. Good things to look forward to. 

Caroline put on a quick flow training exercise that was to be taken at a jog, some people took said suggestion more seriously than others, a couple decided to run in slides, and one thought that they didn’t even need a map (I’ll leave it up to you readers to guess who each of these people were :P). 

We then split off to our houses, preparing for the rest of the weekend. On the drive up towards Truckee the smoke got worse and worse, and worries about the race were confirmed by an email by the organizers saying that we would receive an email Saturday at 7 a.m. with news on whether the middle distance would be cancelled/postponed or continue as normal (spoiler, postponed to the afternoon with another update coming at noon).

Keep your eye’s out for blog posts about the rest of the weekend!! (Perhaps even sign up for email notifications of when we post? Then you will never miss a post…)


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