Relay Reflections

A little late, but RELAY DAY POST WOOOOO!!!!

The day was a bit of an adventure – closed parking lots due to pavement companies, delayed starts – but us juniors found ways to fill our time. Awards were given out, memories from previous events were chatted about, and hair was done…elaborately.

When it was time for the start, the first leg runners lined up behind their number, hand on their map, prepared to grab it and go. We got a brief warning that the rides in the southwest may not be obvious, and then it was “Fifteen…ten…five…three, two, one, go”. The runners sprinted their way out of the field, reading their maps as they followed the start streamers, cheers from all of the spectators and other leg runners heard far into the woods.

There were three forking options that started right out of the gate. Having talked to many of the juniors after their races, this leg gave people the most trouble – compass bearings to small features on a vague, flat hillside. Some people made it out of this area quickly, but many were tripped up and had to do a bit of relocating and wandering to get to their control. After getting through that and through the logging and rocks, runners made their way through the spectator loop where excited onlookers could yell encouragement for the last little loop of the course. There were many people standing quietly, looking into the woods, hoping to see a certain color top or a certain hairstyle which would be their teammate speeding through the woods.

In the end, the squad that was Keegan, AJ, and Greg won the Men’s Elite race, and Syd, Diana, and Anna won the Female Elite race. No matter the results though, we all had a blast tagging off to each other, running with instead of against one another.

Check out this video to see the winning Elite Women’s team, featuring two juniors!!

“Favorite thing about the weekend – go”

Kirsten: “Seeing people!”

Oriana: “When my bearings actually worked”

Jack: “Yes”

Keegan: “I liked competing with SI and other decent competitors again”

Bridget: “Finally getting the chance to put faces and personalities to all the juniors I’ve only had contact with online. It was so great to meet people! Also, suppose seeing the people I already knew was alright, as was getting the chance to race again and in new terrain… ;P”

Jess: “Great that me and the other JWOC people got some intense competition and multiple days of hard racing in before JWOC”

AJ: “running the long”

Caroline: “My favorite thing about the races was seeing new terrain. I always love experiencing the unique landscape of each place we visit.”

Tyra: “Getting to see so many friends that I haven’t seen in over a year!”

David (who was not at the event but who we miss dearly): “I got done with my summer job, and it was the last days before I got sick 😎”

I think I can speak for all the juniors when I say that this weekend was an incredible experience. Many of us got to see each other for the first time in two years, some of us got to meet for the first time in person, and we got to run against some of the best competition in the country in some awesome terrain. In the US we don’t get as many opportunities to race and see each other at big events like this, so when we have the chance, it’s always a good time.

Thank you to BAOC for hosting this event, to all of the volunteers that made it run, and to all the parents that got their kids here!

Overall weekend results

Until next time…



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