The (not lonely) Hearts Club

From all over the country we have convened once again, this time in Georgia for the Georgia Navigator Cup – a National and World ranking event. Very exciting! And, of course, we can’t all get back together and not have blog posts 😉

Today was the sprint around the University of West Georgia, a fun campus with a big re-entrant, some complicated areas of bridges and underpasses, and many, MANY confused college students. I’m not sure that a single person made it through their course without some odd look from a confused student.

The World Ranking Event (WRE) Maps:


Today’s prompt: if today’s race was an inanimate object, what would it be?

Oriana: Pecan (second choice – Katana)

Alex: Slide

Elsa: Saxophone

Keegan: Fork

Danny: “My it band”

Peter: Race

Ethan: Maypole Flag

Kirsten: Traffic Cone

Caroline: Baseball cause i knocked it out of the park

Jessica: A perfectly fried egg cause it took a while to get there but it was pretty good

Julia (she isn’t here, isn’t racing but that doesn’t matter): Banana

Bridget: Everything Bagel

Austin: Cheeseburger

Zariah: Slinky

Aubree: Parmesan Cheese

Jack: Dump Truck

AJ: Toothbrush

We all went back to our given Airbnbs after the race to refuel, and chilled before then next two days of longer racing. I cannot speak for all the houses, but the one I am in had a lovely pasta dinner followed by, SURPRISE, rounds and rounds and rounds of hearts. There was also some sketchy Jenga block tower building as well as a lot of ice cream eating (again surprise…not.)

Additionally, we also got to see a lovely sunset on our drive home, which I will leave you with for now. Another post coming after the middle!!


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